Friday, January 27, 2012

Musings ......2012

Its 2012 and this year I will be older!!!!. I have come to those years of my life where I no longer look forward to my birthdays with eagerness, instead I nurse a silent trepidation, am I getting too old to be the person I always wanted to be?


I guess you get that way when you haven’t achieved a lot of your dreams. For me that could be the case. I haven’t written a book, travelled abroad, gotten a Master’s degree, gotten married or even…...oh well can’t tell everything.  My life at this stage is very, very lacking in achievements.


But anyway, this year my birthday will come and I will enjoy it. I will enjoy most of the year because I have achieved the thing I always wanted the most, I have fallen in love….(smile, smile, blush, blush)


Ok. Close that chapter. This morning after mass, a lady offered me a ride to my office which was really out of her way. It’s really heartwarming to meet people who show you that there is still some kindness in this world. God bless that lady and if she ever gets to read this…. Well lady I think you’re exceptionally pretty.


On a not so heartwarming note, I was on a bike this afternoon and the idiot almost drove into the path of an oncoming car… and worse!… after it happened the guy kept claiming he was right! If I wasn’t so shaken I’d have slapped the living daylights out of him.


I just read on twitter that Babangida will not seek elective office anymore, that made me sad. I want him to contest every four years and lose each time, no punishment is enough for the man who legalized corruption in Nigeria. IBB if you don’t agree with me, tell me what good legacy you left for Nigeria.


And in the US, Obama keeps talking of fairness and taxing the rich at higher rates. Based on calculations done by… I forgot his name… Oh yes! David Indiviglio of The Atlantic. Even if the rich in America paid 100% of their income in taxes, it wouldn’t even come close to filling the budget deficit. So maybe Obama should find another line to incense the masses into voting for him, or maybe not, this line seems to work on 70% of ignorant Americans who think the rich are to blame for all their problems.


I find that I can no longer read Cosmopolitan Magazine in public, there is sex on every page! Guys in my office see the cover and give me a speculative look, like…. Hmmn……… Vogue, of course, remains the ultimate in magazines.  


PS I will finish a writing a novel this year.


I will finish a writing a novel this year.

I will finish a writing a novel this year.

I will finish a writing a novel this year.

I will finish a writing a novel this year.

I will finish a writing a novel this year.

I will finish a writing a novel this year……………………………. I wonder if the more times I write it , the more chance there is of it coming true….


  1. Oh wow! You have another blog! Imagine my joy. And thank God I found it before your birthday so I can read whatever you put up then. July 26, right?
    So you have fallen in love, ehn? A beautiful thing it is...

    I'd say you're coming along fine with the novel. More grease to your elbow, sis.

  2. Thank You Dear.... Just saw this comment. I haven't really been here in a while.