Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ten Greatest Hits of my Life

  1. (1988?) KinderGarten. The first time I spelt my name. That might not seem like much but my name ‘Osomiame’ is actually quite long. Everyone, including my parents had always called me ‘Somi’. I used to write Somi in all my books. One day without even thinking about it I wrote my full name on a new book. Only realising what I had achieved afterwards. I was so excited I ran straight to my parents and basked in their congratulations.
  2. (2000) My private tutor in chemistry Mrs Elogie telling my mum that I was one of the best she had ever taught. 
  3. (2000) S.S.C.E Chemistry. Ehinomen asked me what I’d written in a certain question and heaved a sigh of relief when she found out she’d written the same thing.. Ehinomen!!!! 
  4. (2000) A1 in mathematics... Maths was always the easiest subject for me though. 
  5. (2001) Getting my correct Jamb score. I had received a wrong failing score at first. I thought I had failed until they sent my real score. 
  6. (2001) My SAT results... my percentiles had me very tickled. 
  7. (2002) Some guy who later went mad from smoking too much weed told me I was the most intelligent, articulate and well read girl he’d met in a while. He was brilliant. 
  8. (2007) Architectural history class. Prof Mrs. Ogunsote exclaiming after I’d answered a question “I knew she would get it right” 
  9. (2009) Anthonia Imokhai’s Yearbook Page. Best Friend: Osomiame Evangeline Ekhasomhi. 
  10. (2010) Tolu Akinyemi’s reply to my poem ‘and so it ends’. It was a beautiful moment.
 Other hits.
  • Hearing from my mum that my brother had gotten into the course and school he wanted. I was so happy I cried
  • Finding a note on which I had written “I love you daddy you are my hero” a long time ago in my father’s desk drawer
  • Visiting day SS2, It was already about 6pm and I thought no one was coming. My mum and sister came to see me.
  • My Aunt Paulina’s wedding in 1996. I was happy and crying at the same time
  • Hearing that I was an artist with words
  • (2005) my first screenplay, Hearing I had a wonderful way with words
  • My first make-up, A week after my first break-up.. I didn’t know I was crying until he told me.
  • My first computer
  • Discovering Yanni
  • Hey there Delilah.


  1. Merry Xmas Somi! This is a cool blog post which I haven't attempted. High and low points of 2010 would equally be a good idea, kinda like a review (depends on how personal you're willing to get. I was surprised you mentioned the note in your dad's drawer. Last week my dad said he found a note I had written to him back in 1992. He put it in my Xmas card today and boy did I laugh - It was an apology letter for carelessly losing a watch he bought for me. I exchanged it with a friend who lost it. Strange huh? You're a smart girl by the sound of it. I hope you'll do great things for 9ja :D

  2. Thank you so much.. and Merry Christmas to you too.
    I can imagine how funny your letter would be to you now after so many years... whenever I see stuff I wrote years ago I can't help laughing at myself.
    I have also been thinking about writing a review of 2010 but i've been hesitating because of how much personal stuff I might find myself revealing... I may still find a way around that tho.... give myself selective amnesia or something...:)

  3. first time here and I love the list hoha....
    very innocent...

    happy holidays