Monday, December 13, 2010

Ridiculously Underdressed... Again!

They say smart people never make the same mistake twice. I have always thought that I was smart but oddly my mistakes keep on repeating themselves. Does that mean that ‘They’ are wrong or that I’m not as smart as I think? (God forbid). Either way for the second time in a very short time I have ended up in the most embarrassing position imaginable., Ridiculously under-dressed at a party.

Let’s look back to about two years ago, during my service year. I was handling a design for someone, a friend of a friend. This man, who happened to be a widower, sometimes showed a more than professional interest in me. But I wasn’t very disturbed because there was hardly any opportunity for him to spend time alone with me. So he would call, tell me about the job I would send feedback, that kind of thing.

Anyway one day I was supposed to send him some company profiles right? He said he wasn’t in town but would be the next day Saturday. It was going to be a busy day but he would be at a party at Sheraton Ikeja for about four hours, perhaps I could bring the documents to him? I said yes.

So that day, a Saturday, I did my chores, dressed in jeans and a shirt and hopped in a cab to Ikeja ( the job was paying). I imagined that I would go to the banquet hall, call him from outside and he would come pick his papers. Abi?

I got to Sheraton and made my way to the banquet hall. I had been there for a dinner once before, while I was on IT. Except that day I’d worn a ball gown and everything. Now here I was wearing jeans, a shirt and black ballet flats trudging towards the banquet hall and calling the guy on the phone to tell him I was there.

The party was already in full swing. It was a 70th birthday plus book launch of some dude from Shell. Outside the hall the ushers at the door gave me the eye while I ignored them and waited for my friend to pick my call. And then, there he was with a smile on his face pulling me inside the hall. Before I knew what I was sitting at a table surrounded by guys in suits and native attire, all around me were ladies dressed glamorously in gowns and such and I was wearing jeans, not even black jeans...... blue!

Suffice it to say for the first thirty minutes I was too mortified to do anything aside from be totally miserable. Later on I perked up though, enjoyed the food and flirted a bit. But that was after I psyched myself into believing that despite my disgraceful state of dress...... I was really the most beautiful girl there... Hah..hah!

Anyway fast forward to last Friday. You know when someone invites you to a party and you’re not sure you’ll go and you tell them so, and then you forget all about the party, even the date, then on the day of the party they call and say “when are you coming? We’re waiting for you” and for some reason you can’t say no and you start rushing to get dressed etc? That happened to me last Friday. I was supposed to go to this Christmas party being organised by my friend’s office, Or rather she wanted me to come. I’d already told her I wasn’t sure.

I forgot all about the date.  I even woke up sick that day, after dilly dallying at home trying to decide whether to go to work or not, I finally went, under-dressed even for work... (It doesn’t matter at my workplace cause I’M AN ARCHITECT YAY!!)

Anyway, halfway into the day, while I was fooling around in the office pretending to work, my friend called me to remind me about the party.

“Oh I’m not coming” I said. ”I told you I wasn’t”

“No you didn’t” she exclaimed. “You said you were coming, why don’t you want to come?”... And so on and so forth.

So I told her I wasn’t dressed for it... and she said... “Don’t worry about it... The dress code is casual”.

It was not.

Thankfully it was an outdoor party.. and night came quickly.

Thank God for red wine, fruit smoothies and flirty guys... I kinda had fun....;)

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  1. Lovely enjoyable read... Keep up the good write-ups. Cheers