Monday, November 29, 2010

If Only They Could See

Yesterday was Harvest at my church. It was fun. I had fun. At first I and my friend just walked around ate a lot, drank a lot and chatted. That's what most people do at Harvests. Then we walked towards the Bazaar area, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a couple of children wearing cloth made of the same material with a Reverend Sister sitting in their midst.

I always make jokes in my head about people, so I had already started on the joke to make when I noticed that some of them were staring into space with blank eyes. The rest had those tightly closed eyes that could only mean that they were blind.

I felt so horrible, here I was with my petty issues, making petty jokes at other people's expense, laughing my head off at every opportunity, complaining about stuff, and here were these children who would never see the sun rise, or choose pink over ox-blood, or ever see anything, and they were quietly eating their food and drinking their drinks.. I felt so horrible I started to cry.

Luckily my friend had wandered off, so I just backed into a corner and cried my eyes out.

I hope they had fun, I hope it was a great day for them. but it would be really great if only they could by some miracle, just see.

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