Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Day in My Life.

Just read that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are getting divorced. Apparently Tony has been Sexting i.e sending sexual test messages to a mutual friend of the couple for months. I'm just thinking... Whats the point of being beautiful if Tony Parker is still going to cheat on Eva Longoria.

Never save a guy's number until he has called you a couple of times. That way you'll never have the added embarrassment of having saved his number even though he never called.
Never remember a guy's name until after he has called you a couple of times. He doesn't deserve a place in your memory until then.

There is just something not right about a girl spending her money on a guy. A girl should spend her money on herself, some of it on the kids (if there are any) and depending on if there is a ring on her finger or not.. tasteful presents for him.. PS they should never be as expensive as the presents he gets you. Before there is a ring on your finger (and even after) don't pay for dates.. don't go dutch even.. don't reach for your purse.. LET HIM PAY.

A guy who lets a lady pay has no real desire to impress her. A lady who pays a guys way is always resentful of him. This resentment finally turns to bitterness when she finds out he has been spending his peanuts impressing some other girl.

I can't stand a guy who complains all the time. if I ask 'How was your weekend' Just say fine even if it was not. I don't want to hear how you didn't get a blink of sleep because you had food poisoning because your girlfriend cooked Sharwarma because she cant cook spaghetti...

PS I saw some really nice Burberry shirts at Wranglers in Shoprite Yesterday. At N3800 they are much cheaper than a Ralph Lauren Polo but as nice if you ask me. If anybody is going to buy sha buy me a nice one.. Orange, Beige... whatever.


  1. Somiiii... so, what is the link between the last paragraph and paragraphs 1,2,3,4,5 ? lol

  2. lol.... I enjoyed writing that... the thought of the reactions was funny.