Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Do We Love Our Parents?

Why do we love our parents?

Is it because they have nurtured us since we were little, made sacrifices for us, guided us, protected us
If so then isn’t our love born only of gratitude?

Or do we love them because of the proximity? Because of the fact that we’ve lived with them? Become familiar with them?

Does it then follow that those who haven’t enjoyed that from of proximity with their parents love them less.

Or is it because of ownership? We know they belong to us. Other people cannot claim them, they are our own.

Is our love then possessive? Born of our selfish nature.

We cannot all say that we love our parents because of the good people they are. There are a lot of people with bad people as parents who still love them as much as if they were saints

Why then do we love our parents?

Is it the memories of the good times?

Or just the trust that they are the best match for us, that nobody else would have been as good a parent to us as they have been.

If it were possible for you to pick a set of parents out of a line-up of all the people of their generation you know, would you, without a shadow of doubt, pick your parents.

Just asking.

My thoughts.

I think we love our parents because of familiarity, knowledge, shared interests, gratitude, good memories and proximity.

As children we love them because they are kind to us and because we realise that they belong to us much more than anybody else belongs to us. They embody care and safety to us in a world where we cannot fend for ourselves.

As adults we love them because we appreciate the things they have done for us, the sacrifices they have made. And because we find it easier to understand the choices they made for us while we were growing.

I love my father because I’m very much like him, I’m sentimental like him, I love literature, history and poetry just like him. I appreciate the humour of a wickedly witty comment the same way he does. I love based on impressions and I never unlove no matter what, just like him. I also love him because I know I can put my life in his hands, I know he will sacrifice anything for me, I know he worries about me at night when he should be sleeping and that every day he keeps on trying, in his own way, even though he has taken me so far, to find ways in which he can improve my life.

I love my mother because she is sweet and good and she loves me with a heart-warming kind of love. When she sees me she hugs me and doesn’t want to let me go. And I know she secretly sees me as the little baby who used to sleep in her arms. I love her because I know she will go to the ends of the earth for me and cook something nice to feed me when she gets there.

I can’t think now of all the reasons why I love my parents. Why do you love your parents?


  1. now i've lost all i typed because the page refreshed...brb :(
    but in a nut shell what i said was that we love them because they first loved us... there are people who do not love their parents because they never received love from them

  2. i love my parents because they are mine,,,,u cant love what u dont have,,,i love them because they make my world complete and then some....
    what will i do without my mothers corrections or my fathers wicked sense of humor and advice,,,
    what will i do without my fathers endless favors and my mothers loving prayers ,,,,,,my world they are.....