Thursday, October 14, 2010


One of my colleagues just said that his one year old son is called Praise... Praise?. How do you call a child Praise? Praise is not a name. It’s a word. Praise has got a word for a name.

So why would you go and do a thing like that I ask.. Because he had a revelation! He says. He had a revelation from God to name his son Praise. Wow!

As if that’s not enough he had this revelation two weeks before the conception!

Two weeks before the conception, as in he knows the day, hour and minute of the conception to a T. WTF! What do you people have.. A chart!... Mondays 8 ‘o’ clock. Fridays 10 ‘o’ clock... make sure you’re home.. Don’t go out ... we got some conception activities to perform. Haha.

But really no one has any business naming a son Praise in 2010. Imagine 20 years from now he meets this lovely girl. What’s your name? He asks, Danielle she says.. Beautiful name.. so what’s yours.. Praise.. You mean like Praise?.. Yes... What were your parents thinking!

Actually you see.. my dad had a revelation.........

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