Friday, October 29, 2010

The F word

I like the versatility of the F-word.

There is simply no other word in the English language (or whatever language) which possess the chameleon like qualities of the F-word

As a great fan of the F-word and a great user in fact I can rightly say that it is possible to use this word in such a variety of contexts that it is positively mind boggling when you stop to think about it.

What other word, I ask, can rightfully take it’s place as a verb, an adverb, an adjective, an exclamation/interjection with so much confidence and savoir faire.... only the F-word can.

And the satisfaction it gives! (When you say it I mean... not when you do... well... the verb part of it...) the satisfaction is complete. Imagine trying to get a pot off the cooker... You have no idea how hot the pot has gotten, you only put it on two minutes ago. You take hold of the handles and suddenly you brain is seared with the greatest agony you ever felt...

f&$k!” You exclaim... and rightly so... it’s the only exclamation, the only swearword that would suffice in such a moment.

Imagine then that you’re watching predators 2010, like I did last week, and all those traps are springing open, everybody is within an inch of death for like five unstoppable minutes... now if like me you keep on repeating over and over again... “What the F&%k! What the f&%k!” no one can blame you... what else can you say when there’s so much adrenaline coursing from the screen to your blood? I mean. (Shrugs)

As an adverb, I must say nothing else compares. I could say you were so awfully stupid, but would it make you feel as bad as if I said you were so f&%king stupid? I don't think so. It would definitely not make me feel as good.

And in the context in which I’d never use it, not even among my closest friends (unless I were quoting someone of course)... as a verb... well lets just say... it does serve its purpose, in many languages.

I know swearing is bad... especially f-word swearing, which is why I don't swear in public... Except for the occasional “Damn!” but guess what. Swearing is good for you! According to a recent study conducted by the University of Blah Blah Blah... swearing during a crisis lowers your heart rate and makes you feel better.... ;)

So the next time you forget your car keys on the seventeenth floor, on the day when the lifts is not working and only realise when you’re already standing by your car ... Well.. Let it rip... just make sure the kids are nowhere near.


  1. "...swearing during a crisis lowers your heart rate and makes you feel better...." How so convinient! :)

    Tolu Akinyemi

  2. lol.... he he he
    I said Don't Judge me.
    How r u?
    I saw your new website... congrats will soon saturate it with my comments and add it to my blog list..