Thursday, September 23, 2010

Schindler's List

Did you see Schindler's list
Did you see the little girl in the pink coat?
Did you see her wander, up and down?
And finally hide under the bed
A smile in her eyes
Her hands over her ears
Maybe thinking
It was all just a game

Did you see the girl in the pink coat?
Among the dead
Among the moldy dead
Bound, in a barrow
For the incinerator
Her coat still pink
covered in mud
The little Jewish girl in the pink coat
Who like you and I
Really did deserve to live.

I saw Schindler’s list recently. I have had it for a while just never seen it despite recommendations from friends. It’s been a while since I wept like that movie made me weep. I broke down. Holocaust movies get me like that. The only other thing that gets me like that is the world trade center. Just mention it and I burst into tears.
I loved Fiennes portrayal of the cold blooded, hard hearted, damn sexy Amon Goeth, but it was the little girl in the pink coat who really got me.

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